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Professional Liability

Errors & Omissions      Directors & Officers

Architects & Engineers

Professional Liability Insurance or Errors & Omissions Insurance is a unique type of liability insurance and is a  "Claims Made Policy" vs.  other insurance, which is  a "Per Occurrence Policy".   

Something previously done can come back as a claim years after.  For an example 5 years after the design work was completed a roof collapses due to a design error.  The date the error is discovered is the date of the claim and  the policy in force at that time is the one to respond (Claims Made) and not the policy in force when the error in the design work was actually made (Per Occurrence).  What does that also mean when it comes time to retire?

Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accounts must carry Professional Liability based on their Association rules.  This is to provide coverage for any errors made on their client's behalf.  There are coverages specific just to C.A's such as Civil Penalties Coverage and Legal Expenses for Disciplinary Coverage and not all policies provide coverage for this.  They also need to carry a Prior Acts Policy for at least 6 years after they retire in case an error is discovered after retirement date

Directors & Officers Liability

Whether for Non-Profit or For Profit, Directors

& Officers of the Board require Professional Liability, referred to as D&O Insurance. This provides coverage for Errors the Board  may make in their role as Directors & Officers

Computer Programmers

Software Developers


Anything to do with computer software development,  programming or consulting is at risk of errors being made and Firms requite Professional Liability.  Unique policies are designed as to cover all aspects of your business. 

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